Wonder Foods : A list of healthy foods to eat


Mother nature has always been kind and generous to human beings. The best healthy foods to eat come from mother nature in abundance. It is for us to understand their  significance and the benefits associated with them. Some common questions associated with nutrition are :

How to get a list of healthy foods to eat? 

What are the worlds healthiest foods?

What kinds of foods to eat to stay healthy?

Well,  the answer lies in looking back at nature. Most of the foods which nature has
to offer can be termed as healthy foods. And many among these can be categorized as wonder foods. The foods are termed as  wonder  because the kinds of health benefits these foods come with.
 Let us take an example of an apple. It is a natural fruit which offers tremendous health benefits like having cancer fighting antioxidant's, good source of vitamin C and excellent source of fibre. A  natural plant based food , Broccoli as a cruciferous vegetable comes with cancer fighting components. It offers vitamin C and Calcium. There are many more wonder foods available in nature which provide optimum nutrition and aid in good health. Having these foods into your day to day nutrition plan will bring good health and prevention from diseases. 


Most of the wonder foods listed on this website also consists of their meal preparation Plan. Because what one needs to know is how to prepare a healthy meal out of a natural healthy available food. A natural healthy food becomes unhealthy by the way it is prepared. A wonder food can lose its healthy properties by the way it is prepared and eaten by humans. Therefore , we should prepare meals out of healthy natural foods which are tasty and provide good nutrition  to the human body.




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