Hi!! Weight loss cook is created by me (Rishi). I have  a successful weight loss story of losing 110 pounds of weight in a span of one year in year . And I have been priviledged to  maintain my  weight for 12 years . One of the reasons for which I have been able to maintain my weight and enjoy good health goes to a healthy diet.  This web site is an effort by me  to show how anyone can prepare healthy nutritious tasty meals which will help in losing weight and maintain good health. Being overweight since childhood and having born with fat genes,my weight loss and weight maintenance story is a perfect example as to how a normal human being can lose weight and gain good health by following a healthy lifestyle of exercise , diet and rest. I am a  contibutor to  many weight weight loss forums and health communities.

Rishi is an expert author for ezine article directory on weight loss and fitness.

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