How to prepare a healthy Indian Khichdi



A healthy meal can be prepared in 20 minutes using healthy rice , healthy legumes  and healthy spices. Such a meal in India is called Khichadi OR Khichari. Khichadi is considered a healthy and light food for the digestive system. In the Ayurveda system, Khichdi is given to detoxify and cleanse the body. It can be served to any one young or old. Khichadi consists of a combination of rice and a legume. The best legume to be used to prepare Khichari is Split yellow Moong Beans(called Moong Dal in India) and White rice(long grain Basmati is best). Khichadi is a staple diet for many in India and is a healthy meal to have.

The ingredients for Khichadi are :

  •  White Basmati long grain rice
  •  Moong Beans
  •  2 spoons oil
  •  healthy indian spices


The benefits which Khichari offers are :

  • Acts as detoxifying and cleansing meal
  • heals the human gut
  • provides protein through Moong Beans
  • Is light on the human digestive system

 Please look at the YouTube video below to know how to prepare Khichadi




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